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Thursday, 17 December 2020
FSC Members of Gabon held first face to face meeting in 2020

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On Tuesday 17 November 2020, the FSC members of Gabon held an important meeting at the Hotel Hibiscus de Louis in Libreville, Gabon.

This meeting for the thirty-two FSC members in Gabon had many objectives.

Firstly, it was to allow members to get together to discuss their roles, duties and obligations as FSC members.

Secondly, as the Gabonese FSC members had not met for almost a year and were counting many new members, this meeting was an opportunity to welcome these newcomers and introduce themselves to each other. It was therefore essential for them to better understand the internal workings of FSC and to be informed on the activities planned for the end of the year 2020 and 2021 in Gabon.

Nathalie Bouville, FSC Communication Manager presented the FSC, its creation, history and deployment at the continental, sub-regional and national levels.
Edwige Eyang Effa, FSC member and national consultant, reminded members of their role and duties as FSC members.

Time was also spent reminding members of the digital tools available to keep them informed about the activities of the FSC member association.

Edwige Eyang Effa also announced the next official publication of the FSC National Standard (scheduled for December 15, 2020). She also presented the next major steps for the members, namely a regional meeting to be held online on December 2 and the FSC General Assembly scheduled for October 2021.
In the framework of the next General Assembly, the members will have to work to prepare support for motions that could impact forest certification in Gabon. These include the adoption of French as the official language of FSC and a revised motion on intact forest landscapes.

The workshop ran throughout the day and was very productive. Participants were fully engaged through numerous exchanges and question and answer sessions.
Edwige Eyang Effa was pleased with the success of the workshop and hopes that this type of workshop can be repeated on a more regular basis. She calls on all members of FSC Gabon not to miss these fruitful and friendly moments.


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