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Tuesday, 03 October 2017
Woodlands Dairy achieves 100% FSC logo on their products

Woodlands Dairy a local, Eastern Cape processor of farm fresh milk, who produce and package high quality dairy products has achieved 100% FSC logo on package.

The dairy which also processes, produce and package high quality dairy products for leading retailers is the client of Tetra Pak a global leader in the paper-based beverage packaging.

Mr Lex Gutsche, Chairman & CEO of Woodlands Dairy said “Achieving the FSC 100% logo feels great because we are now able to claim that all our UHT and ESL packaging comes from sustainable forests. All our UHT and ESL products carry the logo.”

He added that Woodlands Dairy prides itself in having a comprehensive sustainability programme which we are constantly driving to ensure we do what’s best for the environment, people of the planet and our profitability.

“Without profitability, we cannot be sustainable or drive such a programme. We pride ourselves in producing top quality dairy products under our brand name of First Choice in the form of UHT milk, ESL Milk, cream, custard, Velvet dessert, Kick energy drink and flavoured milks. In addition to our own First Choice branded products we also produce some products in dealer owned brands (DOB’s) for three major retail groups being Spar, Woolworths and Shoprite” added Mr Gutsche.

Since introducing its first paper-based beverage packaging more than 50 years ago, Tetra Pak® has become a global leader in its industry, and that leadership has included a major commitment to sustainability.

Tetra Pak manufactures its distinctive beverage cartons out of ‘liquid paperboard’ – a flexible paper product coated with plastic – that it purchases from an array of suppliers, more and more of which are earning Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

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