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Wednesday, 07 September 2016
Motion 65: revision of default indicator for protection of Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs)

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After extensive stakeholder feedback, the FSC International Board of Directors has decided to revise the default indicator in motion 65 due to the potential for significant undesired side effects in priority IFL countries. The board also concluded that guidelines for Indigenous Cultural Landscapes (ICLs) would need to be integrated into the implementation of motion 65.

“FSC remains dedicated to the implementation of Motion 65, as IFLs and ICLs are critical to some of the most valuable forests remaining on this planet. Standard development groups in IFL countries are making impressive progress in implementing the motion. However, protecting IFLs and ICLs is a huge undertaking, and we need the engagement of all stakeholders, and of governments, in affected areas. Without this engagement Motion 65 could drive many of our certificate holders to leave the FSC system, leaving us with little relevance in priority IFL countries. We need more time to ensure that our IFL indicators can work in practice, and incorporate such critical concepts as ICLs effectively,” noted FSC Director General, Kim Carstensen.

“At the most recent IFL Solutions Forum in July, we heard clear support from many of the affected stakeholders that we must take quick action to protect IFLs and ICLs, especially in the priority countries of Brazil, Canada, the Congo Basin, and Russia. Therefore, 80 per cent of IFL core areas within FSC-certified forests in these countries will be placed under temporary protection as of 1 January 2018, until a new national standard is in force”, confirmed Carstensen.

The revision of the default indicator, including updated guidelines for motion 65 implementation in Brazil, Canada, the Congo Basin, and Russia, will be finalized in an advice note to be released before the end of this year. Mandatory indicators for IFL and ICL protection in all other countries will become effective by the end of 2018.

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