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Monday, 04 January 2016
A draft 0 of the National Forest Stewardship Standard to be launched before the end of 2015

Cameroon SDGThe Cameroonian Standard Development Group (see image) has held four technical working sessions this year to work on transfer of International generic Indicators to National Standard for Cameroonian Standards. read more …

Monday, 04 January 2016
Republic of Congo (Brazzaville): Draft 0 almost ready to be sent out for public consultation and field-testing early in 2016

Republic of Congo SDGThe Congolese Standard Development Group met five times in 2015 and is now reviewing Draft 0 of the new National Standards, which will be sent out for public consultation in the coming weeks. read more …

Monday, 04 January 2016
Examination of IGIs completed

Gabon SDGIn Gabon, the Standard Development Group (see image) has completed the examination of the International Generic Indicators after four working sessions, and is currently working on the first draft.  read more …

Monday, 04 January 2016
Four meetings and some interesting developments Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa)

Democratic Republic of Congo SDGThe Standard Development Group of Democratic Republic of Congo (see image) has been strengthened by the efforts of the PSU Officer for Congo Basin over the last eight months. read more …

Monday, 04 January 2016
2050 Beacon: a new forest paradigm realised - HCV Congo Basin roadmap

After two rounds of consultations and following feedback from key stakeholders (forest managers, Greenpeace, WWF, FSC members, international experts and PPECF Programme managers), a roadmap to define the modalities of identification, monitoring and management of High Conservation Value (HCV) areas in Congo Basin forests was finalised in July.  read more …

Monday, 04 January 2016
Intact Forest Landscape and FLEGT Grids of legality within FSC National Standards Development Process

Motion 65 in Congo Basin will be addressed within the implementation of a project called the HCV (High Conservation Values) Congo Basin Roadmap (Roadmap can be downloaded here). read more …

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