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Monday, 19 March 2018
Farewell Message from Regional Director

FSC Africa Team

FSC Africa Regional Director Chris Burchmore Steps down

Dear Stakeholders

Well after nearly five years as Regional Director for FSC in Africa it is time to take on another adventure. As from end of March I will step down from my role as FSC Regional Director and currently a replacement is being sought for the position to be filled as soon as possible.

It is a very exciting time for FSC across Africa with encouraging indicators of growth through various initiatives and projects undertaken by the FSC Africa team.
Such as the extensive voluntary work of standard development groups, the growth of group certification and emerging continuous improvement approach being piloted under new approaches. The term ‘risk based approach’ is used extensively these days and South Africa has been instrumental here to take the lead on this approach for the development and implementation of national forest management standards.
These are to name just a few activities which when successfully implemented will transform the way FSC certification is perceived in Africa.

It has been a pleasure and honour to work with many stakeholders in particular the FSC members and certificate holders across the entire region. There have been many great experiences, learnings and not to forget the tears & laughter too.

A big word of thanks goes in particular to the FSC Africa Team whom have contributed enormously to my experience over the last couple of years.

To Mathieu, Manushka, Annah, Vincent, William wishing you all the success on taking FSC forward in Africa and continue with the teamwork you are a diverse awesome team to work with.

To all stakeholders thank you for enabling me and the team members to work with you directly and indirectly across various activities and initiatives.

We all recognized there is still much to be done around FSC in Africa and many will know that forestry is a long term investment which is also a reminder that FSC development, presence and activities on the ground may still require many years before the desired results and outcomes achieved.

Thank You


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