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Sunday, 29 September 2013
Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg, appointed as FSC's Sub Regional Coordinator for Congo Basin

Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg, new FSC's Sub Regional Coordinator for Congo Basin

From October 1st 2013, Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg is appointed as FSC’s Sub Regional Coordinator for Congo Basin. Mathieu will be based in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

Mathieu has a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Agro-Sylvo-Pastoral Systems Management of the Tropical Zones – forestry specialization - , with 10 years of experience and skills in sustainable forest management, forest certification, realization of forest inventories, drafting sustainable management plans of production forests, research in wood market chain, and capacity building.

Mathieu previously worked as International Technical Assistant in a development project called: “Projet of sustainable management of the Congolese forests – PAGEF” for 4 years. This Project is the origin of the start of dynamic of forest sustainable management for the 5 Million hectares of southern Congo forests. In addition, Mathieu also contributed to the Identification of needs assessment and cost of implementation of the Legality Assurance System (VPA/FLEGT process) in Republic of Congo.

Previously, Mathieu worked for four years in a Gabon based French company ,as Sustainable Management Head Officer, where he contributed to the finalization of the sustainable management plans for 600 000 ha of tropical forest concessions while managing three logging operations for this company.

FSC is very pleased to have found in Mathieu a sub-regional coordinator with an in-depth understanding of the forestry sector in Central Africa. With this appointment, FSC wishes to strengthen its position in the Congo Basin. Mathieu will establish the FSC Sub-Regional Office in the Congo Basin and support the development of international, sub-regional and national FSC policies with a perspective from forest management and chain of custody in the Congo Basin (including legality, biodiversity and social issues in the sub-region).

He will also lead FSC’s engagement with stakeholders in the sub-region of the Congo Basin, such as governmental representatives, non-governmental and international organizations and FSC certificate holders and clients.

Mathieu can be reached through his FSC mail address: m.schwartzenberg at fsc point org    

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