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Monday, 04 January 2016
Sustainability delivers solid market returns

Two newly-released studies show that a corporate commitment to environmental sustainability not only fulfils an ethical responsibility, but also delivers tangible returns to the bottom line. read more …

Monday, 04 January 2016
Emerging markets grasp the sustainability nettle

The world’s emerging markets, including Africa, generally have a bounty of natural resources, but the perception that these resources are being stripped and consumed wholesale by developed economies must be reconsidered.  read more …

Monday, 04 January 2016
Women’s tenure rights can help drive sustainable forest use in Africa

The global forestry sector could play a powerful role in empowering rural women through land tenure, delegates at the In Good Company (IGC) forest stewardship workshop heard in Durban recently.  read more …

Monday, 30 September 2013
PRESS RELEASE "Strengthening services: revision of the Annual Administration Fee policy"

From January 1st 2014 FSC will introduce a revised Annual Administration Fee Policy (FSC-POL-20-005 V2) for all certified companies within the FSC system. The Annual Administration Fee (AAF) was established to support FSC’s core functions and services for, the Certificate Holders (CH), and has not been adjusted since 2008. read more …

Sunday, 29 September 2013
Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg, appointed as FSC's Sub Regional Coordinator for Congo Basin

Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg, new FSC's Sub Regional Coordinator for Congo BasinFrom October 1st 2013, Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg is appointed as FSC’s Sub Regional Coordinator for Congo Basin. Mathieu will be based in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. read more …

Tuesday, 09 July 2013
Appointment of the FSC African Director

FSC international is very pleased to announce that Chris Burchmore has been appointed as FSC’s Regional Director for Africa, starting on the 1st of June. He will establish the Regional Office for Africa in South Africa, and will coordinate the establishment of an East Africa Coordinator and a Congo Basin Coordinator, who will both be part of the African Regional Office. His mission will be to lead and coordinate the establishment and implementation of a FSC African Regional Strategy, in close cooperation with FSC Network Partners in Africa and FSC International. read more …

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