Thursday, 10 November 2016
Controlled Wood Strategy Survey Goes Online

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Dear FSC Network partners,

We are happy to announce that the FSC Controlled Wood Strategy survey is online! If your e-mail address was on one of the mailing lists FSC IC has access to, you should have received an invitation e-mail with a personalized link.

If a stakeholder is not on one of those lists, they can still take the survey by following this link:

Currently, there are only English instructions for this process, but that will change this week (Spanish, Chinese, and French versions will be added).

We encourage all those with a stake in the future of FSC Controlled Wood, controlled material, the FSC Mix label, and FSC in general to participate in the survey. It covers a wide range of topics concerning controlled wood, from fundamental questions about the purpose of controlled wood, to specifics about what elements of the current requirements should be re-examined. In addition to multiple choice and yes/no questions, survey participants will be given the opportunity to explain their choices in open-ended responses.

Currently, the survey is scheduled to be closed on 01 December 2016.

What Can FSC Network Partners Do?

You can distribute the preceding message through your own channels, providing translations as needed. The already-sent invitations covered a large group (about 6000 e-mail addresses) including CBs, CHs, FSC Network Partners, FSC Staff, and FSC Members. Therefore, we do not suggest mass-mailings, as this might result in significant overlap. However, the preceding message can be posted on any website, newsletter, or e-mail directed to stakeholders you believe may have missed both the e-mail invitations and previous notifications from FSC website/newsletter.

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