Southern Africa Updates

Monday, 19 September 2016
National Risk Assessment Update – South Africa


FSC International recently permitted the launch of the South African National Risk Assessment (NRA) process. The NRA Working Group is yet to be established and a proposal submitted to FSC International.

The South African NRA Working Group will utilize and build upon FSC’s Centralized National Risk Assessment (CNRA) for South Africa, which are conducted by consultants hired by FSC International. To date, the assessments in the CNRA have been completed for controlled wood categories 1, 2, and 5 and can be downloaded here.
The category 3 assessment conducted by International consultants will be reviewed during the NRA process. The category 4 assessment is being reviewed by FSC International. The NRA Working Group is designed to ensure that proactive input is received from stakeholders with an ultimate goal to reach consensus for each category. FSC Africa intends to have a complete National Risk Assessment for South Africa by 31 December 2017. The first step in the process will be to generate a proposal to FSC International which will be finalized by the NRA working group by the end of November 2016.
Thus far, only the Economic Chamber has expressed interest in joining the NRA working group. If you are interested in joiningthe NRA Working Group as part of the Environmental or Social chamber, pleasecontact Manushka Moodley at m.moodley@fsc.orgby 31 October 2016 for further details.

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