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Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Sappi sponsors FSC General Assembly

Dr David Everard, Divisional Environmental Manager

Sappi the world largest producers of dissolving wood pulp were one of the silver sponsors of the 2017 FSC General Assembly.

Dr David Everard, Divisional Environmental Manager, who attended the GA on behalf of Sappi said Sappi, as an important player in the wood industry and having been FSC certified for more than 15 years, felt it is important to support the FSC and the certification of wood products.

“In the past, Sappi was always quite conservative with respect to promoting its achievements, but our certification record and feedback from major bodies like WWF who have acknowledged that we can play a leadership role in the Bio-based Economy has given us confidence that we are on the right track. He added the FSC is a remarkable organisation and through the General Assembly it brings together all the parties to negotiate important issues. This is a very important process which if successful can play a major role in ensuring forest resources are used sustainable for the benefit of human development around the world.

“Sappi does not favour one certification scheme above others, we are here at the GA to listen and to contribute and are especially keen promote some motions, especially around small growers and some of the social issues. We also feel that the south needs to make its voice heard as this is where there is a lot of developmental potential, but because we are not as financially powerful as the north our issues can get lost. “He added that even within the structured regulated environment of certification there is an opportunity for innovation and the Africa network needs to be allowed to share differing views with the FSC without any of the parties being defensive because we have the sustainability of our forests and our people as a goal.

“We would like to see a flexible and speedy FSC but also for the certification bodies to trust us, as certificate holders, more” he concluded

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