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Wednesday, 16 December 2020
A stylish solution for Retailers

Detpack Grace bag – Recycled paper bag Detpack Grace bag (© Detpack)© Detpack

The Detpak Grace Bag is a sophisticated, beautiful and stylish generic paper bag option for anyone wanting to differentiate their packaging options.

This delicate, one colour floral design works well in any upmarket retail environment and with a reinforced handle, is easy to carry. The bag is labelled with a FSC® Mix certification (FSC-C109574) and is not only made from responsible forest and controlled sources (including recycled), but can be recycled again or will break down easily in home composting environments without harm to the environment.

As an established paper bag manufacturer in South Africa specializing in the food delivery sector, Detpak saw the need for a ‘pretty’ bag for the retail sector who wanted something different but were not able to meet the steep minimum order quantities that flexographic technology requires. Capitalizing on current assets and manufacturing know-how, The Detpak Grace Bag was born.

The Detpak approach to the environment has always been all encompassing, stretching from ethical sourcing to applying responsible manufacturing practices, all while minimalizing their own environmental footprint. With a strong relationship with Forest Stewardship Council® both globally and locally, it was imperative that The Detpak Grace bag follow suit and comply with the FSC requirements as well as carry the circular economy message of retaining value right here in South Africa. The Mpact Felixton mill offered an ideal substrate for the application of these paper bags – a locally made paper from post-consumer recovered fibre.

With the focus of many retailers phasing out single-use plastic, the Grace Bag offers an attractively designed generic bag that can be provided or sold to shoppers by smaller boutique type retailers who do not have to order the large quantities that are normally required through conventional flexographic printing.

Article provided by Detpak

© Forest Stewardship Council® · FSC® F000100