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Wednesday, 13 December 2017
National Forest Stewardship Standards are set to go public for Tanzania in 2018


The Tanzanian Standards Development Group (SDG) received notification in July 2017 from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Policy and Standard Unit (PSU) that a decision had been made by the Policy and Standard Committee (PSC) over the Tanzanian National Forest Stewardship Standards (NFSS).

The decision was positive and encouraging for the SDG providing a good roadmap for managing forests in Tanzania responsibly. The Tanzanian National Forest Stewardship are addressing both natural and plantations at scale, whereas also taking cognisance of the small holder’s production in the country.

The SDG, which comprises experts across the sectors and professionals in environment, social and economics had taken steps to address the minor conditions with the pre-approved national standards.

The SDG under the support of the countrywide stakeholders, received a number comments from numerous stakeholders and support in a process supported by the WWF Tanzania office which had provided resources and long-term commitment to working together with FSC stakeholders and supporters from the south and north.
The final set of the last version of the NFSS was submitted in November 2017, for final endorsement. “We are hopeful that by the beginning of January 2018, the endorsement and publication of the Tanzanian Standards will be achieved’ said Isaac Malugu, who is the SDG Chair for Tanzania.

The SDG is now waiting for the review of final comments that we submitted to the PSU before the NFSS are published.

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