New online FSC trademark available

FSC TrademarkNew online training course on how to use the FSC trademarks to label and promote certified products is now available for FSC certificate holders and certification bodies. The course access instructions can be found via the FSC Trademark Portal, downloded below or email m.moodley at fsc point org

Tender for Training Services

Quotations are hereby invited for the following: FSC Chain of Custody Training Courses in South Africa

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The courses shall provide participants with an understanding of the FSC certification process, benefits of FSC certification, the FSC Chain of Custody Standard (FSC-STD-40-005 V3), Controlled Wood (FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1) and include industry-relevant examples of implementation. Attendees are likely from, but not limited to, the Furniture, Printing and Packaging and Pulp sectors; final confirmation of the industries represented will be provided one week in advance of the course start date.

Duration of Course: 2 days per course.

Minimum no. of delegates: 25 per course

Venue: 1 course each in Durban and Johannesburg

Associated costs: Flights and accommodation to be included in submitted quotations

Note – Preference shall be given to Training Providers who are approved by Accreditation Services International (ASI).

Quotations to be submitted to FSC Africa via africatraining at fsc point org by 31 August 2018

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