FSC Africa Team Visits Woolworths Head Office

The FSC Africa Regional Team had the incredible opportunity to visit the Woolworths Holdings headquarters in Cape Town on the 29 November.  The Team saw firsthand how Woolworths is spearheading sustainability,  incorporating  FSC-certified materials across many of their retail product lines, particularly in their  food division.

Africa Team
The FSC Africa Team outside Woolworths Head Office

Ralph Jewson, Sustainability Project Lead took us through their Good Business Journey which although formalised in 2007, had its origins in the early 1970's.

Ralph explained that  sustainability is core to Woolworth’s business ,impacts everything that they do and has been entrenched into the culture of the organisation.

The Good Business Journey (GBJ) is the vehicle for implementing their various sustainability initiatives.

FSC Staff
FSC Staff engaging on the Woolworths Good Business Journey

Their Good Business Journey enables a consistent approach to managing sustainability issues across the ogranisation. The programme focuses on eight focus areas: people, social development, health and wellness, sustainable farming, ethical sourcing, packaging and waste, water and energy and climate change. Underlying each focus area is a set of ambitious goals.

FSC Southern Africa has been proud to support Woolworths in this journey, and has approved a number of verified promotional statements through the Promotional License Agreement which Woolworths signed with FSC in 2019.

Woolworths Point of Sales
Point of sale this Christmas Season in store 

This partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to responsible sourcing. Stay tuned for deeper insights into Woolworths' impactful collaboration with FSC, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.