Responsible sourcing of wood can benefit construction projects in many ways. Wood is more carbon and energy efficient in comparison to other building materials. However, wood can originate from unsustainable forest management practices which can undermine its benefits. This risk can be mitigated by sourcing FSC certified wood. FSC is the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution that adds environmental, social and economic benefits to construction projects. It also helps in meeting different environmental regulations like EUTR, the US Lacey Act etc.


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Construction projects using FSC certified wood have a 3-fold advantage. First, FSC as the gold standard in sustainable forest management verifies that the wood has been responsibly sourced. Second, FSC is the only recognized forest products certification standard for both leading global green building promotion schemes: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Living Building Challenge. Third, the public procurement policies of many countries (like the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Spain), require FSC certification as proof of compliance with public procurement requirements, to varying degrees.

The Value of FSC - Construction
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FSC-certified forests have environmental, economic and social benefits.

As the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution, FSC labelling tells customers that the materials used originate from sustainable and legal sources.

Download the brochure on the ‘Value of FSC for Construction’ to find out more about the benefits of FSC for construction projects and the world’s forests. 

Project Certification

Using FSC certified materials in construction projects can help to get the entire project FSC certified. In this video, FSC UK showcases how FSC Project Certification helps Canary Wharf Group to prove that the timber they use is responsibly sourced, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

To find out more about FSC Project Certification, click here.

Certificate Holder Testimony

FSC works in close collaboration with architects, builders, developers and interior designers to help them make their projects sustainable and communicate the impact to their clients and consumers. Arauco in North America is an FSC certificate holder and shares the value of FSC in this testimony.


More than ever, buyers and end-users across the supply chain are looking at how manufacturers address environmental issues. FSC certification gives us a competitive advantage in the face of products that are not certified and helps level the playing field among other certified players.

Russ Jordan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing ARAUCO North America


Watch our webinar on “Building Sustainably” to find out from Interholcho, Canary Wharf and the Living Building Challenge about why businesses are using FSC certified wood in their projects.



Tune in to a podcast from the World Architecture Festival where 2 leading architects Misak Terzibasiyan from UAArchitects and Giacomo Garziano from GGLoop, share the importance of using certified sustainable wood in construction projects. Courtesy: The World Architecture Festival Podcast. 

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FSC addresses 14 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, covering ecological and social issues in forests around the globe. 

To find out the impact of FSC towards meeting different SDGs 

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FSC certification and tools can help businesses grow while fighting climate change 

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