The Vancouver Declaration

Businesses that use the world’s resources have a duty to ensure they’re responsibly sourced and cared for. Because of this, and as part of our dedication to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, FSC is proud to introduce the Vancouver Declaration.

FSC Vancouver Declaration
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What is it?

The Vancouver Declaration is a public promise made by companies across the globe to work towards more sustainable sourcing of forest products. It also acts as an endorsement of FSC as your supplier-of-choice for certification of forest products.

A key moment for our planet

We are at a crucial stage in the climate change movement. We need to dramatically improve awareness of responsible forest management. These pressures, alongside the introduction of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, have created a key moment for change where we have a common objective to aim towards, and a timeframe to do it in.

A movement for a more sustainable future

The Vancouver Declaration is already being upheld and supported by leading global businesses and organizations. Show your support today, and you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with the likes of IKEA, Carillion, Oji Nepia and H&M.

How you can make a difference

Whatever part of the industry you work in, you can show your support by promising to uphold the principles of this declaration. In doing so, you’ll guarantee a brighter future for the planet and its people.



“It will help give brands and businesses a way to communicate.”

We spoke to Julia Young, manager of the WWF Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) in the UK about why she feels it’s important that businesses support sustainable forestry and the Vancouver Declaration. 

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“Anyone can be a leader for change.”

We spoke to Mikhail Tarasov, Global Forestry Manager at IKEA, about why he felt it’s important that we work together to support sustainable forestry and the Vancouver Declaration. 

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Supporters pledge to go beyond current commitments and increase the share of materials and products sourced from responsibly-managed forests. As support grows, this declaration will have a positive impact on three core areas of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Become a supporter

The Vancouver Declaration calls on companies across the entire supply chain to show their support and promise to uphold the principles of sustainable forestry.

3 Reasons

  1. Environmental: a move to protect the planet

    We’re in the middle of a crucial moment for the climate change movement and the future of our planet.

    Supporting and operating by the principles of the Vancouver Declaration is a clear statement by organizations that they are invested, committed and passionate about the future of our forests and planet. With some people arguing that sustainability is anti-industry, getting the collective support of businesses in the fight to protect our forests and planet will be a huge achievement for the climate change movement and an inspiration to others.

    In demonstrating a preference for certification that has the support and input of organizations such as WWF, it will ensure that going forward, the ecosystems that include plant and animal species that inhabit our forests are also protected to the highest levels.

  2. Social: a fairer forestry industry for all

    The role and importance of people in forestry can’t be underplayed.

    The Vancouver Declaration will ensure that all people in and around forests will be engaged in decisions affecting ‘their’ forests. Stakeholder engagement and democratic processes are at the heart of the FSC system. The same accounts for fair and safe working conditions of forestry workers.

    Companies committed to the declaration and FSC standards will also be helping to ensure that forestry workers around the world receive a fair wage for the work they do. Overall, these new standards will ensure the people who depend on the world’s forests for their livelihood will be protected alongside the forests themselves.

  3. Economic: a better way of doing business

    The same measures that protect the environment and people in forestry will also protect the future of the industry itself.

    Committing to a sustainable way of operating and adhering to the practices set by FSC certification will ensure that businesses that rely on our forests can continue to do so for years to come. And with an increasing demand for sustainable forestry products, the supply sector will be under pressure to get involved and meet the principles set by the declaration. It’s this end-to-end collaboration and collective action that will make the biggest difference going forward.



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