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Launched in September 2023 to coincide with FSC Forest Week, this competition aimed to inspire East African university students to communicate responsible forest management to their peers on campuses.

Nyambura's submission impressed the judges with its unique approach, effectively conveying the FSC message within university communities. Her proposal not only demonstrated creative thinking but also showcased a profound understanding of sustainable forestry practices and forest conservation. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Nyambura for this well-deserved achievement.

Annah Agasha, FSC Eastern Africa Coordinator, expressed her excitement: "We are thrilled to acknowledge Damaris Nyambura's exceptional contribution to the FSC Campus Challenge. Her proposal brings fresh perspectives to the crucial conversation around sustainable forestry within university campuses."

Rigorous selection process identified winning entry

Central to the competition were rigorous selection criteria. Five FSC Eastern Africa staff members meticulously assessed the originality, creativity, and efficacy of proposals aimed at conveying responsible forest management to campus youth. Nyambura's entry distinguished itself among those submitted by East African students.

FSC Eastern Africa's commitment to youth engagement

FSC Eastern Africa has a longstanding commitment to engaging youth in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. Through initiatives like engaging social media influencers and the Little FSC Stewards program empowering young children, we have consistently amplified our message and reached a wider audience.

In the last few years, FSC Eastern Africa actively worked to enhance environmental education and foster a culture of sustainability on campuses.  We proudly sponsored 20 students at the Forestry Society of Kenya Annual Science Conference, igniting their passion for forestry and sustainability and empowering them to become advocates for responsible environmental stewardship. Additionally, as part of FSC Forest Week 2023, we facilitated a Youth Dialogue on Climate Change, providing a platform for young minds to share innovative solutions and engage in discussions about pressing environmental challenges. Furthermore, in collaboration with Tangaza University College in 2023, we orchestrated the FSC Art for Climate Awareness Festival, not only bringing vibrancy to the campus but also nurturing dialogue on the interconnectedness of FSC principles, climate change, and sustainability.

Congratulations once again to Damaris Nyambura on her remarkable achievement and thank you to all the young individuals actively contributing to a more sustainable future!