The INS for Ethiopia was developed following the procedures set out by FSC in its Structure Content and Development of INS (FSC-PRO-60-007 V1-1).

As part of the process, Soil Association is consulting interested parties on the first draft of the INS for Ethiopia. This draft standard proposes to cover all forest types, plantations, natural forests including bamboo. There will also be proposals for the inclusion of: (Honey, Wild Coffee (Coffee Arabica), Ethiopian Long Pepper/African Long Pepper (Piper capense), Ethiopian Cardamon/Korarima (Aframomum corrorima) within the scope of this standard as non-timber forest products and with relevant indicators developed for them.

We invite key stakeholders in Ethiopia's forestry sector to review and evaluate the attached draft standard.

Please send your comments by 30 March 2023, the deadline for online comments, to: or

To further review the draft standard, FSC will organize face-to-face workshops following the consultations. These will take place in Addis Ababa and Jimma sometime in April 2023. Details of the dates and venues for these meetings will be communicated to you shortly.

FSC_INS_Ethiopia_English_SA_UK_D1 17_02_2023.pdf
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FSC_INS_Ethiopia_Amharic_Translation_Version_D1 17_02_2023.pdf
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