WETPA’s journeys to (FSC®) certification (video recap)

The Western Tree Planters Association (WETPA) is an organization dedicated to championing the rights of smallholder tree farmers and fostering their socioeconomic. In the last three years, WETPA has embarked on a journey to FSC certification using our toolbox.

The video highlights the endeavors of WETPA members actively pursuing FSC certification through a process called Continuous Improvement (CIP). This flexible procedure allows organizations managing small or low-intensity managed forests (SLIMF) or community forests, either individually or within a group, to achieve FSC forest management certification progressively over the initial five-year certification cycle, or in the case of group members, the first five years of group membership.

Since its establishment in 2006, WETPA has united over 10,000 registered members spanning Trans Nzoia, Busia, Bungoma, and Kakamega. The association's members engage in various activities such as tree planting on their farms, alongside income-generating ventures like tree nursery operations, beekeeping, poultry farming, seed gathering, and village savings and lending. WETPA is poised to become the first FSC-certified organization in Africa later this year!

To witness the full scope of our impactful journey with WETPA, watch the complete video here: